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Color Team Reviews

Well-managed color team reviews ensure from very early in the process through delivery of your proposal that your team is on track to develop a solid winning solution. AdvantEdge Group professionals, with years of experience in proposal development, will support your color team reviews by acting as facilitators and reviewers.

Facilitators will:

  • Review bid strategies
  • Assemble all appropriate reviewers
  • Create a review schedule
  • Assure the proposal is prepared for Red Team evaluation
  • Assign review sections to reviewers
  • Lead Red Team discussions and capture action items and feedback
  • Coordinate with the proposal team on debrief
  • Compile comments and section scores
  • Debrief proposal team

Reviewers will:

  • Review proposal against the RFP requirements and ensure compliance
  • Assess content style and whether win themes and discriminators have been effectively incorporated
  • Review proposed solution for risk assessment, and how effectively best-in-class and best-value and benefits have been tied to the evaluation criteria
  • Note additions, deletions, changes or corrections needed for a winning response
  • Identify deficiencies and where clarifications are needed
  • Provide recommendations for improvement

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Color Team Reviews